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Dentures and Partials


Some informal names for dentures are dental plates or false teeth.

Complete or full dentures are worn by patients who are missing all their teeth in an arch (upper or lower).

Types of Partials

Partial dentures can replace one or several missing teeth in an arch.


Valplast paritals are virtually undetectable in appearance, and quite natural looking.

When talking to family and friends they most likely will not even notice that the partial is in your mouth.

Valplast is similar to the material used to build traffic cones

Flexible and nearly unbreakable

Does not rest on the natural teeth like the metal framework variety, instead, the clasps rest on the gums surrounding the existing teeth.


Replaces one single tooth

Does not involve any other teeth

Is a removable appliance


Brittle acrylic, the same material used to make standard full dentures, with wrought wire clasps which are cured into the structure of the denture base


New artificial teeth can be added quickly to the partial by a dental laboratory

Cast Metal

Cast metal partials are precision made to fit your teeth perfectly. 

They are made from an extremely strong light weight cast metal and are made on an exact model (made from an impression) of the patients teeth.  Partials should function with both retention and stability.

Neither the metal framework, nor the plastic extensions contact the soft oral tissues with any force reducing "sore spot" occurrences.