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Bruxism & Nightguards

Teeth Grinding

Many people have a habit of grinding their teeth or clenching their jaws, this is called bruxism.

Most people do it in their sleep, so it often goes undetected until a family member hears the grinding sound or a dentist notices symptoms. If diagnosed early enough, bruxism can be treated before it causes more damage to the teeth.

Causes of Teeth Grinding

Grinding may occur because the top and bottom teeth are not aligned properly.

Alcohol and caffeine intake can aggravate the condition, causing more severe grinding or clenching.

Most often, bruxism is related to stress.

Effects of Bruxism

  • Wear of tooth enamel

  • Chipped or broken teeth (can occur at gumline)

  • Increase in temperature sensitivity

  • Breaking of fillings or other dental work

  • May worsen temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction

Symptoms to Look for

Treating Bruxism

We can make you a customized nightguard to wear on maxillary (top) teeth while you sleep.

You can also go to any drugstore and get an over-the-counter nightguard.  These do not perfectly fit your teeth and can be more bulkly.